5 Ways To Promote Your Children’s Book

After you’ve spent many hours writing and perfecting your children’s book, you want to make sure that it reaches the most massive possible audience. To do this, you’ll need to learn effective ways to promote your children’s book. So, how do you to publicize your children’s book? Thankfully, there are a few simple techniques you can use to increase awareness and sales. Let’s look at 5 of the best ways to get people to purchase your book. 

Our Favorite Ways to Promote your Children’s Book

1- Create a Great Author Bio

With so many options on the market, it’s essential to distinguish yourself from the other authors. A good bio will make people feel like they know you. This personal connection will make people more likely to purchase your book. This bio will appear in a range of places. For example, it can be found on your website, your Amazon page, and inside your book. For this reason, you should try to make it as distinctive as possible.

When writing your author’s profile, you should try to make it short, giving just enough vital information without boring the reader. You should also include a link to your website; this can provide fans with a place where they can find more information about you. 

2- Create A Great Website

If someone wants to find more information about you or your books, they’ll often visit your website. Having a professional, easy-to-understand website can help people decide whether to purchase your novel. It also provides a great way to stay in touch with your audience. When authors want to find out how to promote a self-published children’s book, they don’t consider these pre-existing resources. You can use your website to create a strong fanbase. For example, you can give your fans a taste of your writing style by releasing free short stories. If they enjoy these stories, they will want to purchase a full-length children’s novel. Also, you should make sure to include a newsletter service. 

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Through a newsletter, you will be able to provide regular updates to your fans, which is a great way to keep them engaged with you. For example, you might want to send out updates about your latest book or tell them more about a sale. Often, this is a great way to build hype, increasing sales when your book gets launched. 

3- Use Social Media

One of the best ways to market children’s book is through social media. These channels are often free to use, and they provide access to a broad audience. By learning how to master social media, you can quickly get people interested in purchasing your book. For example, you might decide to release a book trailer; this is a short video designed to get people enthused by the book, like a movie trailer, which can work great across multiple platforms. For example, you can post it to; YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram. Social media can also allow you to build a stronger connection with your audience. This connection can be a great way to distinguish yourself from other authors. Also, you might want to run competitions. Such contests can be a great way to build more engagement with your fans and encourage them to be more active on your pages. The key to marketing your novel is building a loyal fanbase who will want to read your latest book. 

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You should also monitor social media channels; this can be a great way to evaluate what people thought of your book. For example, if multiple people complain that the chapters are too long, you can work on this in your next book, which will allow your audience to see that you listen to their feedback and are willing to adjust. It will also be a great way to ensure that you keep improving over time. Consistently improving your writing can be one of the most effective ways to keep growing your audience. 

4- Give Away a Sample Chapter

This marketing technique involves giving out a free sample of your novel. Often, this is just the first few chapters; this should be enough to get your readers hooked into the story. If you can do this, they will want to buy the whole book to find out what happens next. Also, it can be an excellent way for people to evaluate your writing. It’s impossible to create a book that everyone will enjoy. There will always be a few people who won’t enjoy your writing style. Hopefully, the sample chapter will allow these people to recognize that they might not enjoy the rest of the book, which will help you improve your rating. In turn, a higher ranking will encourage more people to try reading your novel. If your book is part of a series, you can include the first few chapters from the next book at the end of the current edition; this will allow you to build hype for those novels. 

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5- Create a Strong Launch

When you launch your book, you should try to get substantial sales. High sales will give you a better chance of becoming a bestseller, which will generate more interest in your novel later. There are a few things that you should consider when planning your book launch. First, you should try and create as much buzz as possible. As we discussed, you can do this through social media and newsletters. Also, it would be best if you got as many people involved as possible. For example, you should include your illustrator if you used one. They will be able to communicate about your book through their social channels, increasing the number of people who want to buy it. 


After you’ve written a novel, you want to make sure that as many people read it as possible. However, many people do know how to promote a children’s book. However, as we discussed, there are multiple marketing techniques that you can use. Using these tips, you’ll be a master at marketing for your children’s book in no time. So, start increasing sales of your book today. 

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