Frequently Asked Questions

It depends on the style you want for your book, as well as the total number of illustrations needed. It also depends on whether the illustrations will be in color or B&W, and whether you need the book design.

The rights will be transferred to the client completely. We will only ask permission to publish some illustrations in our social networks and online portfolio for marketing purposes.

First, we will need to know what style of illustration you want for your book. If you are not sure, we will advise you as to what art style is most appropriate for your target age range.

The next step is to know the story you want to tell. It is ideal to have, in addition to the manuscript, a description of each scene that needs to be illustrated. Details such as the location and description of the characters are very important. The more specific you can get with the descriptions, the easier it will be for our artists to deliver the exact picture that you envision for your book.

We can now begin to work on the project. First, we will provide sketches (usually done in pencil) to outline each scene of the book. At this stage, it is important that the scenes are reflected as you have imagined. This is a stage where we allow multiples revisions at no additional cost.

Then, we go on to inking and coloring the scenes. In this stage, the corrections are minor (since they will require re-drawing). At this stage, if you need major revisions to details or characters that were pre-approved, there will be an extra charge for this work.

Once the color stage is finished, the illustrations are delivered in the format you request.

At this point, we will need your book designing information from your printing press in order to ensure that we deliver the final PDF at the correct size.

In general, when we offer you the quote, we detail the schedule of payments. We usually ask for a percentage in advance, and the outstanding balance is divided among the next stages of the project.

You can pay via or; both payment methods allow the use of credit cards.

Ideally, we will be communicating via email every other day to update the status of the project, to give you peace of mind and transparency throughout the process.

It will have 3-4 rounds of revision in the sketch stage, and 1-2 in the color stage. An extra fee will then be charged in case of further modifications.

Yes! We have a service where we deliver the book design in PDF to be sent to the printing press.

As much information as you can provide us with. Here are some of the most important items:
  • Having the whole story would be great.
  • A list with the scenes you need to be illustrated, as well as comments to help us create them.
  • An estimated date for the completion of the book.
  • A decision as to whether or not you need the book design.
  • Reference images that help us to understand the vision of the illustrations