How We Illustrate your Children’s Book in 7 steps

Have you ever thought on how we illustrate your children’s book? You can’t miss this article since we are uncovering the step-by-step process on how we do it. Are you ready? Let’s get started!

From the manuscript to your hands!

Step 1

First, we will need to know what style of illustration you want for your book. If you are not sure, we will advise you as to what art style is most appropriate for your target age range.

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Now we need to know the story you want to tell. It is ideal to have, in addition to the manuscript, a description of each scene that needs to be illustrated. Details such as the location and description of the characters are very important. The more specific you can get with the descriptions, the easier it will be for our artists to deliver the exact picture that you envision for your book.

Step 2

We can now begin to work on the project. First, we will think the better way to represent the scenes of your book to get the reader attention all the time!

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Step 3

Now is time to provide sketches (usually done in pencil) to outline each scene of the book. At this stage, it is important that the scenes are reflected as you have imagined. This is a stage where we allow multiples revisions at no additional cost.

Drawing sketches for a Children's Book

Step 4

Then, we go on to inking and coloring the scenes. In this stage, the corrections are minor (since they will require re-drawing). At this stage, if you need major revisions to details or characters that were pre-approved, there will be an extra charge for this work.

Digital painting children's book illustrations

Step 5

Ok, we have the illustrations ready, is time to format your book.

We will decide together the better way to put the text on the illustrations or in a blank page.

At this point, we will need your book formatting information from your printing press in order to ensure that we deliver the final PDF at the correct size.

Adding text to children's book illustrations

Step 6

Once the book layout and the cover design is complete, we will email you the files to send to printer company.

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Step 7

Now is time to celebrate!!🎉 🎊You will receive your book copies from the printer company ready to sell on the market, Congratulations! 😀

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Now that you know how we illustrate your children’s book, you are ready to create your own Children’s Book! 📚

Contact us and we will start together this amazing route.

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