10 Ideas For Children’s To Acquire The Habit Of Studying

Nowadays it can be hard for our children to study. There are too many distractions in the modern world. The key to children’s studying is building a good habit for doing it. Here we will discuss the top 10 ideas to accomplish it.

1️⃣ Start from small 🏠🌋

Studying is a habit and as such you can learn. Parents, teachers and other educators we can and must teach. The sooner we start, the better results we will get.🔱

2️⃣ Create a work and study routine 💪

To create a habit, repetition is necessary. We should not wait for children to bring homework so they can sit down for a little while each day to study, read or write. Look for small and fun tasks they can do when they do not have homework. 💽

3️⃣ Enable a place for study 🖇

Find a comfortable, beautiful, pleasant place to perform your tasks, of whatever kind (paint, write, read, …) In this place you must have everything you need at hand: paper, colors, pencils, wax… 📐✏️🗃

4️⃣ Plan and organize tasks 📋🗄

Help your children learn to organize and plan their tasks. Teach them to create a list of what they should do and the order they will follow. Teachers, psycho-pedagogues and psychologists always advise you to start with the most difficult and finish with something simpler.📌

5️⃣ Motivate 📢

It is important that children are motivated to do their homework. There is nothing better than to let them see how much they are advancing, however little it may be, so that they have more desire to continue.🎁

6️⃣ Create interests 🏕⛱🗼

Children pay more attention, are more motivated and perform better if what they do interests them. Finding out their interests and relating them to the study will make it much more attractive. For example, they can read books they are interested in. By the way, you should take a look at our blog post on book parts.

7️⃣ Make it fun 🖥🌇⚽️🏏⛳️🏸🏓

Especially with the smallest children.

8️⃣ Avoid distractions 💮🛀🏻⏰

We must avoid any type of distraction, especially the TV must be off, and then leave for any type of game. Remove everything that can distract him from around him.

9️⃣ Recognize effort and perseverance 📇📚

The praise and attention of adults are great motivators, in addition to being the best prizes we can give to children.

🔟 Repeat the process with the previous 9 steps 😉What other step did you imagine?😜

Now that you have learnt these methods, how are you creating the children’s studying habit with yours?

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